Early in the morning the weather was not nice. Before the opening Lotus Club Switzerland with president Ron „flushed“ in with more than 10 cars and made a strong statement, the the Britons don’t care about weather and just let it rain when it rains. At around 11.00 first shy sunrays lightend the icefield and mass of visitors and cars entered the ground. So far – must have been approx. 3000 people all-in-all and more than 300 cars (not included those parked around the ground) it’s the most succesful DolderClassics. This success is certainly also due to the fact that for the first time our friends from the Oldtimer Gallery Toffen made an auction within DolderClassics. A big thanks to Reinhard Schmidlin, Beat Leu and their team – you did a incredible job. Amongst the cars on the field some Exotica and mouthwatering high-class oldtimers attracted their public and can be watched now on our Foto-Gallery.