The Weatherforecast was not the best. But lucky DolderClassics had again a very sunny and dry Sunday. Although it was mother’s day and a lot of friends couldn’t come to join the motoring party, others came up to Dolder with their mothers and saw some dramatic beautiful cars – amongst them : Isdera Imperator one-off, Maserati runner from, Zagato one-off, Delahaye 135M, Ghibli Spider, Bugattis and 300 SL Roadster. It’s a matter of heart and a sentimental thing that even the Trabant Club had free entry, although these cars are not very elegant and very stinky-smoking, too. But at least they are part of the cultural automotive heritage and therefore gladly welcome to the elegant Dolder as well. Oldtimer Galerie Toffen exposed a much discussed MBM Sport from 1960 which will be auctioned on 10th of June 2012 at the DolderClassics.